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Latteria Agricola Venera Vecchia s.c.a.r.l

Via Bondeno di Roncore, 36 - 46023 Gonzaga MN
T. 370 1589119
P.I 00154290209

About us

In Bondeno di Gongaza, where the splendid province of Mantua borders on the Emilia Romagna region, we produce around 36,000 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano a year, with a very short supply chain that forms a smooth blend of typical quality, craftsmanship and local tradition.

On 1200 hectares of land, our cows are fed only quality products.

We carefully breed 3800 head of cattle on our farms, investing in their well-being and quality of life.

These are the figures and the values on which the identity and quality production of Latteria Venera Vecchia are based.
This is the goodness that takes shape here, in the unique flavour of our Parmigiano Reggiano PDO.

We have recently invested significantly in expanding and modernising the premises and technologies of the dairy, installing new equipment that has allowed us to improve our employees' work and the quality of our products.

Today Venera Vecchia has evolved significantly, and is present on global communication channels, offers opportunities for collaboration with a variety of entities and companies, and is able to organise various types of business events, thanks to the inviting, brand-new conference hall.

The values taught and passed down
to the new generations.

This is what makes our Parmigiano Reggiano unique.
It's a story shaped by people, by small family concerns that a century ago used to make their own cheese from the milk from their own cows. The process was a celebration, our way to creating something good and to share it.
The enthusiasm that goes into making our cheese and sharing it with you all remains something to celebrate to this day.